Hello! I'm Christina, and I live in Atlanta with my husband, Matt, and our funny little corgi/border collie mix, Chester.

I'm a fine art lifestyle photographer with an addiction to coffee shops and Downton Abbey.

I started Home Says Hello in September of 2009  to document my engagement to Matt and as a way to keep track of our wedding plans. It eventually evolved into a way for friends and family to read up on all we were up to as we moved to a state where we knew absolutely no one.

Within these posts, you'll find that I long to live on a small family farm, raise chickens, sew my own clothes, and tend an ever-producing vegetable garden. You'll also find that I'm no where near this goal, and that I can't even keep a peace lily alive.

Now, Home Says Hello is in the process of becoming a more curated collection of posts documenting my personal struggles, our venture into transitioning from apartment renters to first time homeowners, and our fourth year of marriage.

If you'd like to send me a friendly note, please email me at

Sincerely yours,


  1. Sew your own clothes?! I think you're hogging some of the talent water.

    1. haha, note I said I long to do those things...First, I have to actually learn to sew a straight line!!! :)


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