01 May 2014

Blogging: On Why I'm the Worst.

This blogging thing really beats me up.

I'll be honest: I was ready for Spring to hit. Atlanta in the Spring is simply one of the most wonderful delights to behold, and I've been thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful surprises in bloom around the yard.

But the Spring isn't the sole reason I've been MIA.

I seem to always leave this blog behind when life gets too static or hard and I give up something that could serve as a refuge, a place to decompress, and pour love into.

It's so easy to kill your passion. 

But, as what almost always happens to creatives, I've come back to my little Home Says Hello when little life changes begin occurring. Slowly, I'm starting to see my goals take shape and grow, and I've been cooking up some really wonderful photography projects with friends and other creatives.

Trumpet Vine in East Atlanta Village

Side Note: Seriously, if you're a creative entrepreneur in Atlanta (or even the Southeast...), leave a comment with your email because I've got some fun portfolio-building offers up my sleeve.

Gardening in East Atlanta Village

I've also noticed that Home Says Hello takes a hit when I start hacking away at that beast of a photography business, and then the business suffers when I get all wrapped up in this little blog.

I'm thinking this might call for a merger. Thoughts?

East Atlanta Village Doggy Play Date

P.S. The little one pictured above is Chester's neighborhood friend, Otis. He's so tiny and spunky. These two pals play great together. :)

P.P.S. To all the bloggers that I started following and building friendships with right before I dropped off the face of the Earth: I'm so sorry for not actively supporting you. Readership engagement is important. Starting next week, I'm sidebar-featuring the following amazing women for the rest of my days on blogger:


  1. "for the rest of my days on blogger" did i read that with the hinted hint that you're leaving us. don't do it. i will ugly cry.
    i love that first picture. and all the pictures. and i want you to know i just stalked the HECK out of your photography website.
    that first image, the bride on the log. my heart fell out of my chest and i died.
    yes...it was that moving. so good.
    also i'm the southeast ;) ;) HOLLAAA

    1. Oh Amy, this made my day. Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet words. I've been contemplating merging Home Says Hello onto my photography website. Keeping it all in one place, you know? So I may no longer be updating this blogspot blog, but still blogging...I just don't know how linking up to people will look over there because design is still a learning process for me (I'm using Squarespace). :)

      I'm going to email you soon about my ideas. :)

  2. So I just read Amy's comment and pleaseeeee don't stop blogging! I'm all for merging blogs (I've done it before, too) but please don't leave us here. I love your photography, your words, and your heart way too much. So nope, that's not a possibility. :)

    Secondly, welcome back! Life happens and sometimes we need breaks but I'm glad you're back. I've missed you around the blogging world!

    1. Don't worry, I won't stop blogging. :) It's just hard having TWO blogs. I think having more personal posts on my photography blog will help people understand me better and why I love photography. So, Home Says Hello will just be moving and hopefully, my few little readers here will follow me there. :)

      Thanks for the welcome back! I love blogging and want to keep it a constant in my life, so I'm not giving up! Just trying to make the process a little easier to manage if that makes sense. :)

  3. i was wondering where you had gone!
    i love your photography page though!! i wish i was closer and totally learn from you haha.
    a merger would be fun, i missed your posts!

    1. You are so sweet! I'm definitely in the planning process to start blogging more personally on my photography website!

  4. i vote for merger - i love when photographers share their work and process on their personal blog :)

    1. So good to hear that! :) Thank you for the encouragement to merge! I'm slowly, but surely, working on that!

  5. So glad you're back! That's the beauty of blogging - we're all still here and looking forward to connecting once you return. :)


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