10 January 2014

To December and A New Year

I was sort of blogless for the holidays. Matt was home from school, and when you're the wife of a grad student, your grad student becomes a precious thing; so needless to say, I was thoroughly enjoying the undivided attention.

And then, just in time for Christmas, I got sick. I was sick the entire week, and not just a little under the weather, I was A LOT under the weather. It was a little annoying as I ended up having the entire week off and spent it completely bed ridden.

We had a quiet, cozy Christmas morning and my mom came to visit us later that afternoon. The highlights of the day were:

  • Matt's Christmas gift to me: He designed and built me window boxes for the front of our house!
  • My Christmas gift to Matt: A Year of Dates! He has such a hard time coming up with date ideas, especially when he's in school and stressed to the max. So I carefully came up with a date idea for each month of the year and included the necessary items/money/tickets to enjoy the dates. 
  • Cooking Christmas dinner with my mom and watching extreme cheapskates on Netflix (have you seen it?? -- it's crazy!)

The day after Christmas, my mother left and Matt's parents came to visit on their way up to Pennsylvania. I loved having the house filled with family even though we couldn't go home to Florida this year. 

New Years Eve, we celebrated with friends and then we took it easy on New Years Day because I was still a little sick. Matt grilled a pork tenderloin and I made a yogurt sauce to go with it. We stuffed the deliciousness in a pita with some fresh spinach and tomatoes. 

I love it when Matt makes this meal. We've only had it once, and I've been begging him to make it for months. It was really significant for us as the last time we had this dish, we had just moved into our new house and were falling in love with it and the yard. 

Our rosy outlook on the house shattered after we experienced our first burglary. It was nice sharing this meal again because it served as a sort of remembrance of how we used to feel in our home and how we're ready to own that again.

 This year, we want to focus on handing our fears over to the Lord as we create a home of love and take ownership of enjoying our neighborhood once more.

I'm also excited to embark on this year of dates. We've already gone on our January date: a trip to the Fernbank Museum to see the Marco Polo exhibit. I decided to put together a scrap book with the little cards I presented to Matt on Christmas along with photos of us on the dates.

Here's a look into what I've completed so far:

I love using my instax mini for this project; the instant photos allow me to get the project done right after the date. It's fun to sit down with Matt and talk about our favorite parts of the day. I also took a few photos on my phone which I'm getting printed and will add to the page below. I didn't want this to be a serious photographic project as it focus all my attention on getting the shot just right which can be a serious time waster. For this year of dates, I'm making a point to leave the dslr behind when dates require us to leave the house.


  1. You take beautiful pictures. I am turning green green with envy :) I wish I had that talent/a camera to work with! I also love your Noel ornament, anything made of book pages (or seemingly so) is good by me. Nice to meet you!

    1. Oh wow thank you! Your comments are such a delight! I made a lot of paper ornaments this year. I can gladly share my sources. I make a point to always pick crafts that require as little effort as possible on my end!


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