05 December 2013

Top 3 weird things about me

A while ago, Amy of Taking Steps Home tagged me in a weirdness post, and maybe that's a testament to how weird I can be...because I was flattered that she wanted to know what makes me, well, weird.

So, here's my list of top 3 weird things so you can decide if you really want to stick around for more posts...or high tail it out of here. ;)

1. I approach stray animals constantly. I also have bad eyesight, so this was once almost a really bad situation. When I lived in Florida, Matt and I stopped at a gas station and while he was filling up the car, I started to approach a family of dogs over by the drive-through car wash. It wasn't until I got closer that I started to heed Matt's shouts and stop, because it wasn't' a family of dogs. It was a family of bob cats looking at me like "doesn't she know we're wild cats that can rip into her?! What the heck is she doing??"

2. At the grocery store, I'll only buy eggs from the Organic section. One day I noticed in the regular dairy section that there's a brand of eggs that has cartons labeled "cage free" and all the other feel-good wording for eggs that come from happy chickens...but this brand also sells eggs WITHOUT that label. So I started thinking, "Wait. You guys have some chickens that you treat well, and then some chickens you don't?!" The weird thing, is that I go to the organic section where all the eggs come from happy chickens....even though it's the store's "organic" brand...and they sell "non-organic eggs" in the regular dairy section. This is also weird because I don't have the same philosophy when it comes to buying chicken meat. I'm pretty messed up.

3.  My sense of how much time is left in the day is really weird. If I'm having a bad day, or if I sleep in 20 minutes past the time I wanted to wake up, my immediate response is, "THE WHOLE DAY HAS BEEN WASTED!" I feel there's no time to get anything done, or to turn the day around because it will be forever engrained in my mind as a "bad day."  In reality, however, it's like.. 9:45 AM on a Saturday.

So friends, any of my weird traits resonating with you? Can you top them? Feel free to share!


  1. + a family of BOBCATS?!?!? OH MY GOSH...seriously like that is hilarious and insane at the same time haha.
    + eggs - I've started noticing that i'm doing the same thing - so you're not weird at all.
    + MORNINGS oh my gosh yes. seriously, I do this, not even kidding every single Saturday. last Saturday I slept until 10 (!!!!) something I haven't done since high school - and I started freaking out that I wasted the entire day, my roommate couldn't understand that concept haha

    1. - yes, really and truly! Don't even get me started about the alligators that used to roam my childhood neighborhood. :)

      - So glad I'm not the only egg shopper that does this!

      - I feel like there should be a term for this condition, haha. Matt always has to say (with an exaggerated sigh, might I add) "Christina, the day's not wasted. We haven't even had lunch yet."

  2. Wait, a whole family of bobcats? That's crazy and such a great story to tell! As a girl who also has terrible eyesight (without her glasses) I can so imagine me doing the same thing. :)

    I'm also the same exact way when it comes to mornings. Once I'm off schedule, then I seriously feel like I've wasted the whole day--even if it is only by 20 minutes!

    p.s. Can I just say that I would love to own your closet? I looove that outfit of yours in the photo!

    1. Yes! There were about 3 or 4 of them!

      Oh gosh, we are twins. 20 minutes lost is HUGE...in my head.

      Well, unfortunately, I feel like that is the only outfit Ive liked of late. I keep posting photos of me in the same clothes haha. The other day, I realized that most of my clothes are roughly 5-10 years old. I need a wardrobe update. Stat!

  3. bob cats. that's crazy!
    I feel same way when i do that on Saturday, but then again I do like to sleep in :)

    1. Yeah, the Bob cat thing is kind of common in Florida haha. :)

      I let myself sleep in last weekend for the first time in a long time. LOVED IT!

  4. I am the same way with eggs! my siblings own chickens so i only get eggs from them or the organic section :)

    1. Fresh eggs are the best, aren't they?!

      I've been wanting chickens for a long time. My husband keeps finding ways to delay that from happening though...I'm beginning to think he doesn't feel the same way. :)

      Do your siblings have a farm, or are they living in the city? We're in the city, so I'm always eager to learn how others do it in an urban setting.


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