02 December 2013

Sponsor Post: Amy | The Way She Weekends

You guys, Amy is one of my favorite bloggers AND November sponsor. She took the time out of her weekend to give us a glimpse into the way she weekends. Enjoy!

hi y’all, i’m amy from the blog, taking steps home
when Christina asked to feature me for her “the way we weekend” post i was thrilled. nervous and lacking creativity but thrilled. ;) 

the truth is - the way i weekend varies each weekend, which isn’t a big surprise since that is how everyone does life - change. some weekends are spent doing diy projects, spilling paint on the floor, and out of the house making memories. other weekends are chill, simple, and relaxing. 

this weekend in particular was relaxing. i’m trying to make this season more simple.
simple in decorating.
simple in activities.
simple in my thought process.

i’m such an in-depth person that i can get bogged down in details and nonsense. sometimes you just need a simple weekend. enjoy. 

morning light always indicates i need to roll out of bed. new flannel sheets for winter make it even more tempting to stay snuggled in. 

making breakfast is something that has always been important in our house. eggs are the easy food of choice this morning. i grab my food (and much needed coffee) and head outside on the porch for some quiet time with Jesus. 

tobi likes to join me most mornings outside.
he has to be content with window hunting since he’s an inside cat.
seriously though - his incessant meowing makes me want to throw him outside to chase the birds and squirrels until his cute fuzzy legs fall off. 

some time is spent listening to one of my new favorite bands, american authors.
more time is spent with my nose in harry potter.
i’m still a kid at heart.
and we like to read in this household. 

i realized at this point that my weekend would look rather dull to a lot of people.
i made my roommate come with me to appreciate at some local graffiti art.
i’m a huge art lover.
i spend my time walking through art galleries and finding new exhibits. 
art is beautiful 

and that’s the way i weekend.
well - at least that’s the way i relax/simplify/chill weekend. 

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  1. What a fun topic!!! Amy, your weekend sounds so nice! :) Those pieces of grafiti are really cool. I've never seen grafitti that big and soooo perfect. Guess I live in the wrong place for that. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Victoria, I was thinking the same thing about the graffiti. I'm in Atlanta, and we have some cool public art pieces, but seriously, the man with his finger to his lips?? AWESOME.

  2. Christina, I've said it once and I'll say it again, these posts are sooo much fun. I love getting a glimpse into bloggers' weekends and seeing them take photos of the little things. :)

    And Amy, what stunning photos! I looove all of that graffiti artwork and I must say, your photos scream cozy, warm, and fall/wintry. So good, my friend!

    1. Kiki, I agree! I LOVE getting these glimpses. I really want to do this again with other bloggers, but I think I need to get way more organized. I don't think I gave people enough time or an easy way to send their descriptions with the photos. You were a genius because I think all you did was format it in blogger and then send me the code...which was SO MUCH easier and really helped Amy out too.

      Amy's photos turned out to be really sweet; I love her self portrait. :)

  3. This weekend seems like anything but boring. But, then again, we are probably the same person. ha! Great post, Amy!

    Glad I stopped by! This is such a great idea for a series. :)

    1. Jess, I was thinking the same thing. Looks like an awesome weekend to me!

      Also, I love your middle name. It's mine too. Same spelling and everything. :)


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