04 November 2013

The Way We Weekend: November 2, 2013

This is the way we weekend
November 2, 2013

Matt and I tend to collect coffee cups from every place we visit together. Magnets too. The white mug is from our honeymoon in Seattle. The marauder's map mug is from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

We started our morning with a hot cup of coffee. So basically, Mischief. Managed.

Chester had his breakfast and his morning romp in the yard which means he was feeling spunky...so he had a little squeeking-his-favorite-toy party while we tried to catch up on Parenthood. I finally got around to washing that toy the other day (it was so gross you guys). Now, Chester's face smells like fresh laundry. I'd say it's a win win. 

After breakfast, we went outside to work in the front yard. Matt swept the driveway and I clipped back the roses and shrubs. We picked up a lot of leaves that were harboring the biggest mushrooms I've ever seen and also the biggest ant colonies I've ever seen. Yuck.

After the yard work, my shoes arrived! I'll be wearing this with my bridesmaid dress in my cousin's wedding this Saturday. Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

Took a lunch break. I'm addicted to these spicy chips. Delicious.

2PM: We went to Walmart to pick up some cheap fabric so I could start making the backdrop for a photo booth I'll be providing at a wedding in two weeks.

3PM: We headed out to Serenbe, a sustainable living community about 45 minutes away from us. We had a scoutmob for horesback riding. However, we had a hard time finding the stables and so we were 10 minutes late and missed our reservation. In an attempt to make the best of our lost money, we decided to explore the area anyway. We stopped to feed some grass to the horses.

Serenbe has an area of small little shops. We did a little window shopping and stopped at the Daisy for cupcakes and coffee. We also did a little house dreaming. 

On our way home, I got a text from our friend, Becca. She wanted to know if we'd like to get some dinner with her at a new Korean restaurant. We don't get to catch up with her often, so we said YES. 

6:30PM: Dinner at Sobban. It was delicious, but overpriced. The restaurant is described as a Korean southern diner, but $14 for a pork cutlet with 1/2 a carrot as a side. Um, ok. The brown rice green tea was delicious though. 

Once home, Matt started on his homework, and I worked on my photo booth backdrop in the living room while Chester remained on guard duty. He takes his post at the top of the stairs very seriously. 

Quick little snapshot of my Fall decorating. Can you believe 8 of these cute little pumpkins were only $3 at Target? 

Fresh and clean and ready for bed.

11PM: We headed upstairs for bed, and found our little goldilocks had already taken advantage of the turned down bed and made a rumpled mess of the sheets. And brought his little stuffed toy with him. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Great photos! I'm crazy about animals so I got pretty excited about those horses!

    1. I've always liked horses, so I was excited to see these happy creatures grazing so close to the road. We couldn't NOT stop for photos.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, these photos are breathtaking. From the spicy chips that sound a-mazing, to that gorgeous cute little white + blue house, to those pretty horses, adorable Chester (I'm referring to him now like I would a dog I've actually met in person, by the way), and cute shoes, I think it would be an understatement for me to say that I want to weekend with you someday! :)

    And I mean that in the least weird/creepy way possible. :)

    1. Oh goodness, haha, thanks so much! The spicy chips are seriously addicting. They're a little pricey compared to other tortilla chips (I guess that's what comes with the organic label) but gosh, soooo delicious.

      And that house. It was strange, in this community, all the houses had a nod to historic architecture, but there was always something a little odd. For instance, this house, the more we looked at it, the more it resembled a barn.

      And girl, don't think you're creepy. I'M creepy. I was trying to look through the window of every house we passed to see what these people lived like haha.

      I will gladly welcome you to weekend with me if you're ever in Atlanta!

  3. I found my gold shoes at Macys for $40!
    it's not that easy to find gold shoes haha enjoy the wedding this weekend!

    1. I seriously thought gold would be easy to find during Fall and before winter...you know FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Geez. I ordered mine on zappos. Crisis averted!

  4. love LOVE the harry potter mug!

    1. Thanks so much!! :) It's a treasure around here. :)


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