28 October 2013

Weekend Habits

I planned to have a really lengthy "The Way We Weekend" post, but I ended up formatting my memory card out of habit in preparation for a family photo session on Saturday. Oops.

Here's a few glimpses into last weekend that really could have been used for this weekend because we're starting to see a trend in weekend behavior.

Matt has really perfected the pancake. He spends quite a lot of Saturday mornings trying to figure out how his mother was able to get those fluffy pancakes with the crispy edges just right...without asking her. I guess he likes a challenge. I'm not complaining though; he's managed quite well. He even put little apple morsels in them. Delicious.

 I think exhaustion these past two weeks has caused us to lose our minds. We've been keeping the house temperature at 65 degrees...while it's been in the 40s here. When we noticed the dog shivering, we realized 65 is a little drastic.  Pretty sure we've been saving money though!

I don't really talk about my day job, but I do happen to be a nanny which means there's a lot of germs around this time of year. Green tea has become a life saver for me and I've got a cup or two of it within reach almost every day.

This weekend, Matt and I got absolutely nothing done except a grocery run which is huge because I absolutely hate grocery shopping, especially on the weekend.

As a way to save money, we are trying to get back to spending $60/week on groceries. We left the grocery store yesterday with an $80 bill. Oops.

We spent quite a lot of time planning out the meals and grocery list, which as always, really helps. We sort of planned this coming week's meals around my need to NOT have to go to the store on weekends which means we had to not only plan for dinner last night, but for this coming weekend and lunch next Monday.

I think, with the meals I planned, we're going to be fed well past 7 days, so really, I'm hoping that while it feels like we went over budget, we'll have actually have a lower grocery bill the next time I shop.

What's on the menu this week?

We bought enough ingredients for these meals to feed us for lunch and dinner as I really dislike sandwiches and sometimes, I feel that buying extra things for lunch that are typically not eaten at any other part of the day tends to bump the bill higher. 

Fingers crossed we can meet our $60 budget next week! What do you do to bring costs down at the grocery store? Do you find you're making dietary sacrifices?


  1. we also share a love for green tea! j and i both drink it every morning (with several more cups of various types of tea for me throughout the day). after researching the endless benefits of green tea, we swear by it. i'm glad you're not skimping on veggies while cutting the budget...the only thing that's never worth cutting back is compromising your health!

    1. Green tea is amazing. My favorite dessert is also green tea ice cream. Lots of people think that's lame, but I honestly don't like super sweet things. :)

      I'm more of a coffee girl, but green tea is my comfort tea when I'm feeling under the weather.

      We refuse to cut the veggies. It's really unfortunate how expensive it can be to eat healthy.

  2. ah - green tea sucks for me...unless I add honey. I LOVE hot tea hahaha but green tea makes me gag for some reason.
    meal planning is the worst and the best - it challenges me to actually cook (more than I do) and stick by what I write down, but there are some awesome benefits! (like saving $$!! and being healthier)
    we've been keeping the house between 65-67 haha so I feel your pain, until it gets much colder we just suck it up and wear socks, sweat pants, and hoodies around the house - saving $$ works!

    1. Haha, being 1/4 Japanese, I've inherited a lack of a sweet tooth...except when it comes to chocolate. :)

      Now, black tea, with cream and sugar. Ah. That's. where. it's. at.

      Georgia has been really weird with the weather lately. Two weeks ago it was in the upper 30s. Then it was hot again, and now we're in the lower 50s. What's going on?! It's fun to bundle up though. I much rather be cozy and cold with cute scarves and sweaters than sweating to death in the humidity.


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