18 October 2013

Photo A Day & Weekend Recap

Wow, I really fell behind with the Photo A Day Challenge --- but this doesn't mean I wasn't taking photos! I just couldn't figure out what to photograph in relation to the theme. So for this past week's recap, I give you October 11-13.

Oct. 11 - M is For.... Matthew.

Oct 12 - Below - This is Chester, with a cone of shame, going down to the basement where he stays when we're not at home. 

Oct 13 - Watching. 

Last weekend was meant to be one epic The Way We Weekend because my mom was in town visiting us, but every evening, I kept forgetting to take photographs. I guess that's ok though because I was busy living life. :)

Here are a few favorites from the weekend though. Saturday morning, Matt and I found ourselves out of breakfast and out of coffee. It was kind of a disaster. We headed down to our neighborhood coffee shop, Joe's, where we discovered that they now offer breakfast banh mi sandwiches from the Vietnamese restaurant down the street.

Joe's East Atlanta Coffee Shop | East Atlanta Village

Since the sandwiches hadn't been delivered, we were advised we could just walk down and eat at the restaurant. So we did. The weather has been really cool in the morning so it was fun being in the East Atlanta Village so early, coffee in hand, and having the sidewalks to ourselves. Just me, Matt, and the cooing pigeons. As soon as I stepped in to We Suki Suki, I fell in love. The shop owner immediately beckoned us in and we sat at her counter while she chattered away about business and the magic of breakfast banh mi sandwiches, and they really were magic. 

We Suki Suki | East Atlanta Village

After breakfast, we headed back home to finish cleaning the house before my mom arrived. While Matt and I are truly blessed with all the treasures that the previous homeowners left behind, there were some items we weren't necessarily fond of like this wine art piece: 

We aren't really wine drinkers and so having wine-related art displayed in the kitchen isn't really my idea of decorating. I plan to replace it with something sweet and tea related like this, but for now some of my photography in a pretty frame will have to do:

While my mother was here, we took her to a farmer's market in which I bought lavendar goat cheese, and flowers, and Matt got to test out a handmade guitar. Kind of loving the Beef sign over his head. ;)

Later that afternoon, we took her to the Botanical Gardens where they had an amazing display of living sculptures. 

Monday, Matt and I had the day off so we drove my mom up to Ellijay to pick up some apples from Panorama Orchards. Matt and I have gone every year since we've lived in Georgia. I love the old time feel of the store. We also love the fried apple pies!

This weekend, we are going to get serious about figuring out how we want to make the most of our basement. Ideas include an organized workshop and a tv room/den for Matt. Want to see my inspiration? Check out the pinterest board I put together for all things that remind me of my husband and his style.

I also plan to do a little online shopping for myself if the budget allows (seriously, the budget is much like a sleeping baby; we are constantly tip-toeing around it so as not to disturb it).  I've been eying this shirt, this dress, and this super cozy looking sweater.

What does everyone else plan on doing this weekend?


  1. that botanical garden = swoon. seriously...SWWWOOOONNN
    and the market, breakfast sandwiches, cone of shame :), etc all just look fun, delicious, delightful...I love your pictures!

  2. Wow, those plant sculptures are absolutely awesome! What a pretty place :) Those fried apple pies sound pretty great too ;)


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