03 October 2013

Photo a Day: October 1-3

My cousin and I are very close. We were both born the only child in our immediate families, and so we made a pact to be secret sisters. Only three months apart, we felt we were practically twins. So, it's really no surprise we like to do little projects together even though she's living all the way in Boston now. This month, we're doing the photo a day challenge. She's blogging her photos on her blog so make sure you go take a look.

Day 1. Color

Day 2. Light

Day 3. Me, Today.


  1. You are impossibly lovely, my dear! OX

  2. you are stunning...and day 2 - light. WOW

    1. Oh my goodness thanks so much!

      I love the way the window light illuminates the chess board. That little knight piece is my absolute favorite, even though I don't play chess :)

  3. LOVE these photos. Love them. Especially the lighting, that adorable mouse pad, and your hair + scarf + portrait.

    Did I mention how much I love these photos?


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