11 October 2013

Photo a Day: Oct 4-10

Oct 4. In Motion

Oct 5. Afternoon | lazy, lazy

Oct 6. 8 o'clock | He was ready for bed

Oct 7. what you saw today | Japanese cooking shows and yes, that's her co host: a poodle.

Oct 8. Corner | Our house has lots of little hidden built-ins.

Oct 9. Pink | I have a slight obsession with pink floral print

Oct 10. Hands | Probably the only good thing about this week was the delivery of this book


  1. Aaaaah! I am in love with these photos! That little poodle cooking show co-host made me smile and I fall more in love with Chester (that's his name, right?) each time I see a photo of him. And all of those pretty floral accessories? LOVE. Floral is one of my favorite patterns, too! :)

    1. The cooking show is called "Cooking with Dog." It's a youtube channel and the dog, Francis, narrates it haha. I love it because there's lots of easy Japanese home style cooking demonstrations. My favorite meal to make from her videos is the Katsudon. So delicious!!!

      And yes, Chester is pretty cute. :) He has a cone of shame on this week though because he hurt is leg running like a maniac in the yard. It's kind of pathetic.

  2. Ooh, great photos! Love the last one most :) Always nice to get a new novel--I looked it up and it sounds like a wonderful plot. Enjoy!

    1. Kate Morton's books are such a fun, wonderful escape. If you like Downton Abbey, you'll definitely like these books. :)

  3. I wish my house had more built ins! :)
    & that first photograph, no idea why but I REALLY love it, I think it's the motion! :) haha.

    1. Built-ins seeeeem easy. We were lucky to have bought the house with them already made. There's a few little hidden compartments too which we rather like.

      That motion photo always makes us laugh. We feel like that's definitely Chester ALL. THE. WAY!


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