30 September 2013

My Last Minute Gallery Wall Reveal

Last Minute Gallery Wall | Thomas Jefferson Portrait | DIY Wall Art | DIY Book Page Art

I try so hard to be the ultimate crafty, do-it-yourself mastermind, but I'm such a procrastinator that I often end up doing things with leftover materials and end up abandoning them. The good news, I guess, is that when I set my mind to doing something, it must be done THAT second, as evidenced by my inability to wait for the sun to move so I could photograph the wall without glare.

Last month, Matt and I had our portraits taken in our home and we wanted to make sure the living room reflected our personalities and style, so THE MORNING OF THE SHOOT, I decided, why don't I make a gallery wall?

Last Minute Gallery Wall | Thomas Jefferson Portrait | DIY Wall Art | DIY Book Page Art

Really, this wall just sort of explains who we are in a nutshell. We like Thomas Jefferson and old artifacts like skeleton keys and scales. We like taking self portraits and recycling original details (that window pane was an original to the house).

We're also a unique blend of Poetry & Science. In the Home Says Hello print, the little mechanical hearts are part of a diagram of binoculars, and was actually a design element on our wedding programs, and believe it or not, Home Says Hello is also the name of the song Matt wrote and sang for me on our wedding day. You can all throw up now. The book page art combines my love of folklore (pages recount the legend of King Arthur) and Matt's love of Physics.

Last Minute Gallery Wall | Thomas Jefferson Portrait | DIY Wall Art | DIY Book Page Art

But let's get back to how this is so last minute. I used a home printer, Microsoft Word, the cheapest frames from Hobby Lobby I could find, pre-framed art that I bought at a thrift store, or had hanging in our previous home, and those "framed polaroids" you see? I taped them to the glass. I know, I know, I'm super fancy.

I know you're supposed to measure this stuff out, or lay it out on the floor first, or draw a visual aid before hanging. We just eye balled it. I mean, I just eye balled it, and then my scientifically minded husband "directed" my free flowing ideas into a more streamlined look.

In case you're wondering what we have in the middle space, there's nothing. That's where our television used to be before it was stolen. The original idea of making this a gallery wall was so that our living room wasn't such an eye sore with a tv mounted on the wall and nothing else. We may put a new tv there or more artwork. We haven't decided.

I considered offering up two things as part of my "gallery wall reveal" (ha)

  • the "Home Says Hello" art as a free download for readers (would that be weird since it's also the name of my blog?)
  • a tutorial on how to make your own book page art with real book pages (it's only heartbreaking to rip pages out at first, but I have a secret for coping with this travesty),

I only want to do it if people would want something like that -- so if you DO,  go ahead and leave a little comment. I'd love to help you out. :)

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