24 September 2013

Close to Quitting: This Blog

This blog has been such a huge challenge to update for me. Right when I felt like I was back in the swing of things, Matt and I were hit with a sudden obstacle. It's funny.  Addressing #3 on my list of seven quits today reaches past laziness and a tendency to quit. It reaches right into the heart of what's been paralyzing my motivation this past month.

At the beginning of the month, Matt and I came home to a burglarized house and it's taken me a few weeks to figure out if I really want to blog this experience. I'm still in the process of dealing with the burglary and so as far as feelings are concerned, I'm not ready to share.

What I do want to share is that I've been thinking about my little blog a lot, and I've been eager to get over the feelings of violation, fear, and paranoia that come with a home invasion. But you can't simply will those feelings away. Just when you start to feel better, one little noise, one unfamiliar charge in the air sends you back to the night you discovered your home turned upside down.

So for now, I'm focusing on looking at the good that has come out of this experience. Our friends in Atlanta have really made themselves available to us in our time of need. People we barely knew came to sit with me while Matt was in class, shared their own similar experiences, and prayed for our family. They've brought us food, helped us with yard work, and shared insight on how to better  secure our home.

We've also been connecting with some neighbors and as a result, were invited to a private neighborhood network on Nextdoor.com. And because of that, we'll be participating in a neighborhood potluck this weekend to discuss safety in our area, and to get to know more of the faces living among us.

Have any of you heard of  Nextdoor? It's got a Facebook feel to it, but private in that you need to be invited by a neighbor, and it's only visible to the members living in your neighborhood. Neighbors post anything from witnessing suspicious activity to wanting to exercise together. If your neighborhood isn't on the website, look into adding it, or look into starting a google group or Facebook group. I firmly believe that neighborly support is vital in living in a safe neighborhood. Look out for one another, talk with one another, and live life with one another.


  1. This post actually gave me the chills. I can't imagine how you felt when you saw your home in this way and how you must still be feeling when you're forced to remember such a frightening sight. You never expect that it will be you, do you? I'm glad that you have found such an awesome support system in friends and neighbors — who have consequently become your friends! Bravo to you for looking for the good in such a scary situation, which I know is extremely difficult and requires the active will to do so.

    I hope this means you'll be back to more regular blogging, but I'll continue to visit whether it is sporadic or otherwise! Blessings to you and Matt!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      And yes, I will definitely be blogging more! I'm still in the process of renovating too --- about to start adding links to my favorite blogs, Lived In included! <3

  2. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and your husband. People can be so cruel. But praises to God you both are safe and were not harmed. I pray that God will help you to restore peace of mind.


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