22 July 2013

Our 3rd year of marriage

Wednesday was our anniversary. We celebrated with a night out for sushi with the hopes of going all out in our new home over the weekend. Matt and I have been doing a lot of work around the new house with furnishing and updating, so we wanted to save money by grilling out on our awesome deck, camping in our living room, and making s'mores in our fire pit. 

Well. None of that happened. Our friday night was put on hold when we discovered water in the basement. Apparently, the condensate pump to our AC unit failed, so we had a rather large puddle in the basement and some of that water soaked into an area of the carpet in the finished part of the basement. 

Luckily, my husband understands AC like nobody's business and was able to rig a temporary solution until we could get a replacement pump.

We've been trying to dry out the carpet to prevent mold and mildew, but we think that we're going to just rip it all out. I don't really like the idea of carpet in the basement anyway.

So, once Matt came up with a solution, we knew we would be spending our Sunday replacing the pump, ripping out carpet, and officially starting our first DIY project in the new house by painting the concrete floor in the basement. Matt even thought he'd have time to prepare the fancy dinner he had planned to make for me.

Well, that wasn't going to happen either. Saturday evening, a man posing as a Comcast employee came to our door asking for the modem and various Comcast equipment that wasn't being used. We didn't have anything like that, and after a weird, out of nowhere compliment about our door, my husband sent him on his way.

We called Comcast and they verified that they NEVER send employees out to collect equipment. So our next step was to report the activity to the police.

We had an officer come to our house and he advised us that we could go to our local precinct and schedule a PAOP (patrol as often as possible). We also talked about the importance of neighbors watching out for one another, door security, and other things we can do.

Listen folks, I cannot stress enough how important it is to make friends with your neighbors. Our neighbor across the street told us the Comast guy was the SAME guy that tried to kick in our door a few weeks ago. So with these two accounts, plus the fact that I was able to write down the man's license plate number (and he was NOT driving a Comcast van by the way), we were able to give plenty of description to the police.

We also went online and did a little research on security doors. We had a storm door in front of our main door, but we can't lock it from the outside. It was flimsy, and always swinging open.  Lowe's sells the Larson Secure Elegance door. It's a storm door with shatter-proof glass.  The door has great reviews and the in-store employee told us that if a break-in occurs because the glass was broken, the glass company will pay your insurance deductible up to $1000. One of the reviewers even mentioned that there was an attempted break-in with this door on his or her house, and the culprit was unable to get in. I. Was. Sold.

Home Says Hello | Lowes | Security door | Larson Secure Elegance

So we bought that sucker along with some crackled glass window film to put on the small windows on our door which helps keep people from looking into our home.  I like this look because it looks as if the glass was decoratively made this way, rather than it looking like I'm trying to hide something.  Can you see the difference below? It's a little tricky to get it on smoothly, but so worth it if your end goal is privacy.

Home Says Hello | Lowes | Security door | Larson Secure Elegance

The whole process of purchasing the door, renting a truck, and installing the door took ALL day. I swear, we were smelly and lightheaded as we worked into the night so we could get this door up. This door install is about a half day project and requires TWO people. The door is extremely heavy. 

Home Says Hello | Lowes | Security door | Larson Secure Elegance

I'm really pleased with the final look. We really love it. It looks pretty, but we feel secure. The door locks from the inside and it comes with two keys so you can lock it from the outside as well. It also locks in three places for added security. 

Needless to say, I slept better knowing this thing was on our house.  I apologize for not including a photo of the finished product. I'll be sure to update soon! 


  1. I am SO happy you're back! The blog design looks incredible. Did you do it yourself?! It was refreshing to read your list of quits. I started a brand new blog because the old space was feeling lackluster to me. Sorry to hear about the Comcast "employee." On a happier note, who's the cute new fur baby? Looks like a sweetheart. Kind eyes. XOXO

    1. Oh my gosh, it's Chester! He's all grown up!

    2. Roxanne! I love your new blog!!!!! And oh my gosh your wedding looks so beautiful. Thank you so much for the kind words. I did design it all myself. :) I was really wanting something simple, and I've missed having an outlet to write about my life.

      Yes, since this is the 2nd time this person has been spotted on our property, we're a little nervous. We love our neighborhood, but the crime is still a big part of it. We love that our neighbors have been looking out for us since day 1.

      Chester is definitely way bigger. I still can't get over how much he's changed!

  2. I second the "happy you're back" message too! :) And wow - our AC pump is broken too...must be that time of year! ;) Ah, home improvement projects...aren't they the greatest? ;)

    1. I hope you didn't have flooding occur like we did! It's good to be back. I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs! I hate how easy it is to disappear like that!

  3. Great photos!

    I just wanted to comment on the Comcast incident. I work for Comcast. Comcast techs/rep should always carry an ID with them. They should also show the work order and a work order receipt after any job. It's good the you were able to jot done the license plate and called us for verification.

    Keep safe and belated happy anniversary by the way!

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    1. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting Comcast to comment! Thanks so much for the compliments. I'm also a photographer (www.photosayshello.com).

      Yes, we've known that techs/reps (from Comcast and other companies) usually have tons of information when they come to visit, and we always receive a call to verify the appointment. This person was trying to collect equipment from the previous homeowners. Comcast told us that customers can drop off their equipment at a Comcast location OR Comcast will send a box to your home for you to send equipment back to them. My husband said the man had a badge around his neck...but it was hard to see. He made no efforts to show it to my husband.

      We're definitely taking action to protect our home. Thank you for the anniversary wishes!

  4. It feels nice having celebrated something as important a milestone as your third anniversary, but it feels nicer knowing things in your house are running as they're supposed to and you're all safe and sound. It's a good thing your husband certainly knows his way around repairing the AC and that your neighbors alerted you about that man's suspicious activity. I hope all is well in your neighborhood now.

    Esco Services Inc

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  6. First off, congrats on your 3rd year of marriage! Belated, I know. Haha! As for spending the night fixing the house rather than wining and dining, I think when you reach the point that you’re not overtly sensitive to dates and just celebrate it whenever is the time you can say that you’ve settled in.

    For the door problems, it is great that your neighbors were able to recommend you a great one to help secure your home more. The glass film was a nice touch, so they can’t peek into your home that easily.



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