20 July 2013

A Written Revival


I think one of my greatest flaws is starting things, and then quitting them. In the honor of trying to get rid of that habit, I'm reviving this blog, setting some ground rules, writing a list, and asking my friends and family to hold my ass accountable.

So,  here's how I'm going to start. I'm going to air my dirty laundry and create a list of things I've quit, dating back to childhood, JUST so you can gain a better understanding of how I've really mastered the art of quitting and the fear of failure.

My list of Quits:

  1. Quit playing the violin
  2. Quit taking French classes
  3. Quit being a leader in training for a women's support group
  4. Quit pursuing a career in my field of study (Creative Writing and Journalism)
  5. Quit photography school after my dog died.
  6. Quit documenting a year in my life through scrapbooking/journaling/photography (Project Life) two years in a row.
  7. Quit this blog

I'm sure there's more that my memory is suppressing, but I think a list of 7 is pretty good. I think leaving it a little unbalanced and odd fits the theme of this post, don't you?  It's not too short, and not too final, like a list of 10. Let's leave it at 7, ok?

In the spirit of 7, I'm going to make a list of things I'm dangerously close to quitting if I give in to my habits demonstrated in the previous list.

  1. My job
  2. My photography business
  3. This blog
  4. Growing a garden
  5. My 3rd attempt at project life
  6. Household management
  7. My relationship with the church

So, this is the beginning of the transformation of Home Says Hello. It's still going to be about my newlywed life, and about the little things I'm doing, but I'm going to save a little piece of it for working on abdicating my quitting throne.  I'm going to take that second list of 7 quits and see what happens as I wait on them, work on them, and observe them.

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