26 July 2012

So long, Summer.

As August draws nearer, it gets harder and harder for me to breath. Looking at the calendar, I can't quite seem to find one week where I won't be busy or traveling or moving (our apartment complex is raising our rent too much). July was crazy as well. We also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Two years has gone by too fast. Here's some photos from our little road trip built around living social and groupon. :)

I had to take Matt to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. They share too many of the same hobbies. We bought some tomato seeds grown from his garden. I can't wait to plant them!

Amazing structure built in Greensboro, NC

The elevator in our hotel in Greensboro was so amazing and old. We had to manually shut the door. :)

I think he looks like Harry in the Chamber of Secrets

We visited a Lavender Farm!

And although the idea of moving stresses me out, I'm quite excited about WHERE we're moving. We'll be back near the city, living in the amazing Decatur, in our first HOUSE (rental). Our landlord is even open to the idea of us keeping chickens. Matt and I have decided though to wait until Spring when he finds out if he's been excepted into the Physics PhD program at GaTech. If he gets in, we'll get chickens. If not, we're going to wait since we'll only be in Georgia for two years and the idea of parting with chickens who will become dear pets is a deal breaker for me.

We'll also be traveling to Boston for the first time. My sweet amazing cousin is flying ME out to do her engagement photos. How glamorous does that sound?!

Are your summers crazy too? I'm longing for the lazy, sleepy summer days, but I guess those go extinct when you become an adult.


  1. Beautiful photos as always Christina! It looks like you've had a relaxing summer!

  2. What amazing pictures. I popped over from Jenn's blog... I love moving, not the work, but the starting fresh!

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