22 April 2012

Meet Chester

Well, a few weeks ago we were tricked. Tricked by this little face right here:

This is Chester. Our three month old border collie mix. The adoption agency thought him to be a corgi mix (no tail) but goodness, this little nipper has us thinking otherwise.

I still miss our little Emma. She's such a huge part of our lives and it hurts knowing she won't be the family dog when we start thinking about having children. But Chester is her successor, carrying the torch for black rescue dogs everywhere. I still cry when I think of her....especially when I'm at my wits end over puppy bites, but Chester is a sweetheart that just wants to be with me wherever I go. In that way, he's a happy reminder of Emma, who felt it was her duty to always be in the same room as me. Now, Chester does the same as if her presence fills our home and echoes out, telling him to follow me because it's his duty now that she's gone.


  1. Oh gosh you've made me get a bit teary.

    I still cry over my lost girl sometimes. I still miss her so much. I'm with you.

    1. I must admit, I was choked up writing it. Thank you for the kind words. :)

  2. You guys have the best taste in picking out rescue dogs. Chester is such a cutie! Sometimes I think about Petey (our family dog who has been gone for over 1.5 years) and I still get sad. Dogs are just such sweethearts and it really is so hard when they're gone! Glad to see Chester is trying to live up to Emma's role in your family. :)

    1. Thanks Roxanne! Did you know that black rescues are the hardest to get adopted? I've never really understood why. :(

      It's so hard to get over the loss of a pet. It's crazy how big of a role they play in our lives.


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