07 April 2012

a little local love

I finally made it to The Local Farmstand, a little part of Star Provisions in Atlanta. We took home with us a kale plant, some farm fresh eggs, wonderfully plump asparagus and a pint of deliciously sweet (but kind of expensive) strawberries.  See more photos on the Facebook page!


  1. I'm so in love with your photos lately! Keep them coming!! xo

  2. Such lovely photos! It's a bit early here for our Farmers' Market to open but I'm so excited for when the day finally gets here! June is too far away!

    1. Thanks Lesley! It's early for the farmers markets here too. This is just a small store attached to a bakery/deli/homegoods store that buys locally. The fresh produce store is no bigger than a walk in closet :)

      I can't wait for the markets to open either!!

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