24 February 2012

Tea Weather

The weather in Georgia has been sort of sneaky as of late. I think we've experienced every type of weather in one week. Last night, as Matt and I were leaving for Bible study, our Floridian sense kicked in..we could smell a storm coming.

The weather is still stormy today. It's gray and windy, but balmy. There's a quiet sort of anticipation hanging in the air.

We took advantage of the cool (but not too cool) morning and took Emma to the dog park. There weren't too many dogs, but that didn't stop her from having fun. Matt loves throwing a tennis ball for her. She runs after that thing, at full speed, down the hill. She's going so fast, she always tumbles as she makes a grab for that sneaky, bouncing ball.

I love her happy face.

We also went downtown to get some mat board for my photography projects for school; Matt also returned his GaTech parking permit. Since the permit was for Fall and Spring, and he graduated in December, he was able to get reimbursed for $298. YES. $298. 

Hello, extra money.

Now, we're getting some extra work in (with a niiiice long blogging break) and having tea. My current tea obsession is this Ahmad Special Blend with Earl Grey I got at the Asian market. It came in a gorgeous green tin that I needed for my pinhole project last semester. Now, I have 500 grams of loose leaf tea. That's a lot of tea. But it's ok because it's seriously the best tea I've ever had. 


  1. I love your Emma pictures and now I'm really craving some tea. I hope you share some of your projects that required the mat board! xo

    1. Be inspired! Go have a cup of tea! :)

      I think I will post some of the projects soon. I'm getting so frazzled with blogging. We're required to keep a separate one for school too, so I forget to post what I'm actually doing in school on this one.

      Perhaps I'll take a photo of my mounted photograph this weekend before I turn it on Monday. :)


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