01 February 2012

Goodbye, January

January has been good to me. I've enjoyed seeing my husband more now that he's graduated and working normal hours. I've enjoyed reuniting with friends from last semester. But for the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to February. I used to stress about February, my birthday month. For a while, I spent a lot of my time being jealous of Superbowl Sunday. It would always fall on my birthday weekend. Some  people pick that game over my birthday celebration every time. So I began to treat my birthday like it's no big deal, and I'm kind of ok with that. I don't really like attention. But my husband's been coaxing me out of that steel trap. He's been showing me birthdays are fun to celebrate. He's been trying to do for my birthday all the things I love to do for him on his birthday.

I'm so thankful my husband's life doesn't become unhinged when anything threatens his ability to watch a game. In fact, he just shrugs at the mention of it. His life has meaning outside of football.

Now that's what I call a man.

Hello, February: this month, I'll be:

  • taking photos with a view camera
  • Updating a photography blog we're required to start for our Multimedia I class
  • Swing dancing with my husband
  • celebrating my birthday --- Hello, twenty-five.
  • celebrating Emma's birthday
  • studying God's undying love for his people through Hosea...with 16 year old girls.
  • renewing my car tags because, you know, I'm an adult now.
  • Partaking in this photo challenge

What will you be doing this month?


  1. What a fun month you had!! And I have a feeling our husband's would get a long great...Nathan's not a football-aholic either. :) Being from the south, and raised in a family full of football lovers, it's sooo refreshing for me!!

  2. I completely understand! Football is fun, but GOODNESS, people go a little overboard. Cheers to husbands who choose not to take the road of obsession!


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