09 December 2011

Hello, December and all your prettiness.

The Christmas decorating has begun. I love birds, berries, ribbons and lights.
How do you like to decorate your tree?

With the temperature dropping, little Emma likes to curl up in her bed. We have a strict no-sofa policy in the living room. She likes to sigh VERY LOUDLY when as she collapses into her doggy bed when we tell her "no" to the sofa.

I like to buy ribbon and lace from the fabric department of the craft store. It makes for much prettier Christmas gift embellishing. It's rather inexpensive and I never mind having excess ribbon lying around. :)


  1. You have some mad gift wrapping skills, friend! :) I love the lace and ribbon idea together...you're so creative!

  2. Oh, I love Christmas. And your sweet little dog. Your gift wrapping skills are wonderful and these photos are beyond beautiful! xo


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