13 December 2011

DIY Diary: Entry 1

Here's a list of projects Matt and I want to tackle:

We're constantly trying to think of ways to make our office/guest room look pretty. I love the idea of having a canopy over the pull-out sofa. Tutorial found at CountryLiving.

I love this "marker board" to-do list from a thousand words. Matt and I have a hard time keeping up on cleaning. Our schedules are so busy and everytime we're home, we're working. Cleaning gets pushed to Friday nights, and well, that's really no fun. I plan on using this tutorial for the boards and this daily cleaning list to help us keep organized. We'll just check it off to see what's been accomplished throughout the day


  1. I've been using an app for daily cleaning reminders, but that marker board is much more appealing!

  2. Those boards are such a great idea and cute, too!


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