20 July 2011

Our Marriage Turns One

I really just need to sit down for a second. The last four or five days have been incredibly fast and busy and packed with fun, but goodness, I'm exhausted.

At the moment, I'm lounging in bed, enjoying the fluff of our new European pillows and my sweet little dog curled up beside me.

Our first anniversary was this past Sunday, the 17th, and we spent the weekend taking it easy, relaxing, and just being. Really, that's the way it should be. My darling husband is such a joy and such a comfort. I still get that giddy, lighthearted feeling when I think about our wedding day, driving to the reception, just the two of us, up to our ears in my wedding dress and veil, laughing and sighing and feeling the strangeness of rings on our fingers.

Photography by CSE Photography

Matt and I also had the joy of having two dear friends visit with us Sunday night and all day Monday. They were driving through on their way to a family vacation and it was so fun to get a chance to see their wonderful faces and catch up.

When Tuesday rolled around, I hosted a sleepover for the girls in the small group I lead. Apart from my poor little dog being overwhelmed, I think it was a success. Those girls make me laugh (in all the right ways) and I love spending time with them and just being able to watch them enjoy each other's company.  But now, I need to take it easy. Gone are my college days when I could stay up all night and bounce back the next morning. Now, I need to just enjoy the quiet of the afternoon, put the kettle on for tea, and count down the hours until Matt comes home.


  1. I love everything about this post. Congratulations on one year of marriage. And I totally would have loved being at that sleepover. xo

  2. Oh your wedding photos are just gorgeous! I'm so glad you had a relaxing weekend with each other -- happy 1 year! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! it sounds like your weekend was perfect. Ours is coming up in a couple weeks too, I think we will do something low-key as well. I love your wedding photo! So pretty!


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