01 July 2011

Goodbye & Hello

As a kid, summer used to be so long and at times, dull, if you didn't have plans. Growing up in Florida, sometimes it was too hot to go outside, or your friends went on vacation at different times, so no one was ever in town all at once.

 As an adult, summer is so short and at times, hectic, even if you don't have plans.  I'm currently recovering from the exhaustion of moving items to our new apartment. I'm somewhat sad that we're saying goodbye to the apartment that sheltered us during our first year of marriage. However, I'm extremely happy that we're saying hello to a bigger apartment for our second year.

I can't wait for the move to be finished, so I can enjoy the better parts of this summer: anniversary celebration, friends visiting, a sleepover for my soon-to-be 10th graders and orientation.

In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of sea-side walks as I box up our first year of marriage, ready to unpack it all into its second year. Fresh start, fresh summer, fresh life.

The lovely girls who are about to brave the uncharted waters of 10th grade


  1. Are you a small group leaders for the tenth graders at your church? I think I somehow missed this! xo

  2. Roxanne, so sorry I never answered this! Yes, I am. I was with them during their 9th grade year and I hope to be with them until they graduate high school!


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