25 May 2011

Weekend Wedding

Matt and I traveled to Pennsylvania last weekend with his mother to attend the wedding of his cousin, Nathan.  We left Friday for a little township called Chicora. The area is so quaint and peaceful; we walked to church on Sunday as Matt's grandparents literally live across the street.

I was really excited to spend time with Matt's grandparents and the rest of the family; the last time we saw them all was at our wedding. Quick hugs during the receiving line and then when we made our rounds at the reception, we were stolen away before we could actually talk to his family.

Everyone says your wedding day goes by FAST, but you never believe it until it happens.

So, we were thankful for this wedding and to be able to celebrate with Matt's family. The trip proved to be fun and eye-opening, especially for Matt. He took the time to talk with his mother and grandparents, to learn their history, the choices they made in life, how they met their spouses, what life was like growing up in Chicora. We loved it and I can't wait to visit again.

Above: Matt with his mother; Matt's fun aunt and uncle

Due to miscommunication, over 1,000 cookies were baked for the wedding. Not that Matt was complaining....

Matt's wonderful grandparents. We had such a good time catching up with them and hearing their stories. Matt's grandmother let me have some rhubarb from her garden. I can't wait to bake with it!

Good trip, good company, good hearts. So glad we had the opportunity to go and I'm so glad I got to see an extension of what makes Matt so great.


  1. What a lovely weekend with family! I'm glad you had such a great time :)

  2. What a wonderful post! I love spending time with Jeffrey's family -- it makes me feel like I know him so much better.

    Are those your photos, Christina? They're beautiful! xo

  3. Thanks Roxanne! Yes, I did take them! :)


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