17 May 2011

It's official: We're moving June 27th

Last week, Matt and I secured our new apartment home. We'll be moving up from our tiny one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment.

Do you know what this means? The interior design bug has bitten me. Again. Now, I'm faced with a challenge of converting one of the bedrooms into an office/study/guestroom. We also need to buy more towels and shower curtains.

So, here's some things that have been catching my eye lately. Say hello to my new guest bathroom inspiration:

Seriously, people. June 27th can't come fast enough. This place feels like it's getting smaller and smaller.


  1. Stina!

    So, there's a Flaws Family vacay in the mountains on the books for late July.

    This requires us to drive through ATL. You know what this means right??

  2. Ooh, a whole new apartment to decorate! I looove the new inspiration for the bathroom - they're so tricky to decorate!


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