16 March 2011

We heart the 80s

We look more like dorky twins than husband and wife here.
Last weekend was pretty crazy. I had two engagement sessions to shoot, an 80's party to attend and a small group to co-lead. I still feel like I'm recovering, but you know what? I had a blast. The best part was having Matt help out for one of the photo sessions. He was my assistant, carrying my camera bag and tripod, handing me lenses, holding on to lens caps and just being supportive. You can see the shoot he helped me on here! Honestly, I wish he could be there for all my shoots. He's the best!!

The 80s party was great! We had a blast celebrating our friend Mark's 30th birthday. His wife, Janet, cooks amazing food and we made sure to come hungry. We also played 80's scene-it. Unfortunately, Matt and I were born in 86 and 87, so we couldn't really answer many of the questions. However, I did get one trivia question right that no one else knew. They showed a news clip and you had to guess who it was about. Anyone remember the disappearance of Natalie Wood? Don't ask how I knew that.

This weekend, we're taking a day trip to Savannah to visit some friends from Florida. We're very excited and looking forward to a relaxing afternoon.

I've got some good posts coming up (with pictures), so sit tight! One of which is an interactive post! I'll be blogging about some bad habits of ours and you all have to guess who the bad habit belongs to!

What are some of your bad habits that annoy your spouse? If they're not annoying, how are they just plain different from your spouse's own bad habits? Leave your input in the comments and I'll feature the funniest/quirkiest in the bad habit post!

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