02 February 2011

New Blog Design!

So, I think I finally found a look for this blog that I'm happy with. What do you guys think?

My favorite part about it is that it took me less than an hour to design! The above silhouettes are actually of me and Matt. My mother made them for us and we used them on our wedding programs and reception menus. I thought how perfect would it be to use them for the blog?

I've also added more pages where you can read about us, our home and visit the blogs of people we like.

Happy Reading!


  1. I LOVE it! I want to blog so bad lol. Can you make mine pretty like this so I'll be inspired?

    Oh, and I swear I'm going to put my pictures togther and send them to you tonight.

    And I wish we could go out and celebrate your birthday together this weekend.

    And I love the new font!

  2. LOVE this!



  3. Oh my goodness! I love the new design! SO cute, fun and girly. =) Maybe you should give my blog a makeover!

  4. It was really easy! I made the header image with gimp (a free program similar to photoshop) and picnik.com. The background was made using colourlovers.com - my new best friend! Also, go here for really helpful blogger template tutorials: http://makincuteblogs.com/


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