20 February 2011

I see a theme of discipline surfacing here

I love a good letter. When I receive a letter in the mail, I feel, for a moment,  like I'm on holiday and everything's simple and calm and good.  Recently, I've started a handwritten correspondence with my friend, Amanda. We've only made it one letter each and so far we've swapped recipes for mix CDs and story ideas for creative outlets. As of now, the ball is in my court and although letter writing is fun, it's hard too. There have been three things keeping me from finishing my letter:

  1. Social Media - I'm facebook friends with Amanda and we follow each other on twitter. We're currently working on a project together, so we're in constant communication over that. It's so tempting for me to want to just say what I want when I want.
  2. Clutter - Matt and I have really lost control over any organizational attempt in our apartment (more on that later). Therefore, it's hard to sit down and write a pretty letter on a messy desk.
  3. How do I top a four page letter with a mix CD?!

Ok, so I know #3 probably doesn't count in Amanda's world and I really do have some good ideas on what to write. I just need to get over #2 and #3 above and WRITE.

Do any of you write letters to others? If so, do you send little gifts? Do you add a dash of creativity?

Ok, so back to #2 on that list which really has nothing to do with writing letters or Amanda. Matt and I have decided that we are going to enlist in SPRING BREAK BOOTCAMP. Yes, that's right. On March 21st, we are going to engage in an intense week of working out, cleaning and de-cluttering. We'll be coming up with systems for organizing our bathroom, closet, file cabinet and kitchen. We'll be getting rid of clothes that are ruined or don't fit. We'll be taking Emma to the dog park (which is huge and requires to walk a few laps) every morning and going to the gym every evening. We will be exhausted. This will be our life, night and day for one week.

I know it's not a glamorous way to spend a week when your husband doesn't have to go to school, but we don't feel comfortable doing anything when our apartment is in such disarray. We hope to not only get everything looking great, but we hope to lock in some good routine. We're both really good at leaving things here and there, but it's time we put that to a stop. I've had too many cute things chewed up because they were within Emma's reach.

How do you and your spouse crack down on mess? Do you team up for one huge revamp? Or do you work at it little by little?

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