09 February 2011

House Inspiration

Sometimes, I like to dream of what our little apartment could look like, rather than what it does look like. I have so many ideas, but I know it's just not practical (or affordable) to change the look of our home on every one of my whims. Thank goodness for Etsy Treasury!

I've started making treasuries (curated lists) titled "Let's Pretend: [insert favorite movie, novels, time periods]." They help inspire me and prevent me from running out to home decorating stores to renovate our apartment. It actually helps for me to keep myself limited to Etsy because I can never sound convincing enough when I try to justify my reasons for making an Etsy purchase to Matt.

Question: Where do you get your inspiration?

Anyway, here's what I've been up to when I need a little distraction from my daily responsibilities:


  1. Fun! I love both of your inspirations. =) I get inspired by lots of things, but many times it's movies and TV show houses and people that catch my attention! I also love reading blogs (of course!) and find myself being inspired every day by things I see on other people's blogs.

  2. *sigh* Why would you do this to me just days before I move into a new apartment with all it's bare walls and possibilities???

    YOU inspire me my dear. I think together, we are our husbands' worst nightmares lol. (You would think that they'd realize by now that none of schemes ever seem to actually come true).

    P.S. Weekend Mission: Update Blog and Submit Life of Wife photos. And I'm going to sip a toffee nut americano in a coffee shop somewhere while I do it... and probably call you and whine that I miss you.

  3. @Mikalah - I'm the same way. I recently watched I Capture The Castle --- Probably not a good idea because now I'm demanding my husband let me live in a castle. In the 1940s. You know...because it's totally possible and all.

    @Cassie - On husband nightmares: I've recently discovered if I make a certain pathetic face, I get what I want. LOVE IT. But this might be considered slightly abusive...but he wins too. We're both getting Chick-fil-A for dinner.

    I love your weekend mission. I wish we lived in the same city so we could go out for coffee with our laptops and do that whole "that's right, I look like a cool married college student" thing.

  4. I loooove all this! I've been totally geeking out on Jane Austen lately :) Did you seriously nominate me for that award?!? That's completely sweet! It reminded me that I need to write more ;)


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