25 February 2011

Getting to Know your Husband: The Flat Sheet Debate

Flat Sheets. I've never known what it feels like to sleep without them. They're crisp, cool and perfect for tucking you in. They make great forts and beach picnic blankets. However, not everyone feels the same way.

A few nights ago, I was changing the sheets on our bed. I was exhausted and about to fall asleep. Just getting the fitted sheet on the bed was hard enough. Emma kept pouncing on the bed and getting all spun up because, well, every dog knows that putting sheets on the bed is a game! So after 15 minutes of snapping one corner of the fitted sheet on the mattress only to have it snap off when I walked around the bed and the chest at the foot of the bed to the other side, I decided we would not be using the flat sheet for the night. We had our duvet and a blanket and a fitted sheet. I thought, "Surely we could survive one night without a flat sheet."

I informed my husband, apologizing to him. He's a strange one when it comes to comfort and I honestly can't keep track of all his comfort requirements (not that he requires me to make sure everything's comfortable, he just has his "this is comfy and this is not comfy list" -- it's very thorough).

Anyway, I told him we wouldn't be using the flat sheet and that I hoped he was ok with that, to which he responded:

"You know, I never used a flat sheet before I married you."

Oh? Oh. Yes, how could I forget. I remembered the time he was shopping for a comforter for his dorm room back in college. I think he felt every single comforter in the store, read every label to make sure he was getting the softest, comfiest comforter the store offered. And oh, how he loved it. So, I guess it makes sense that he wouldn't dare put a flat sheet between his body and the comforter of his dreams.

Well, I thought this sheet comment was funny. I grew up using the sheet so you don't dirty the comforter. The logic behind that is sheets are easier to wash than comforters (as a good friend informed me the other day). After chuckling over my husband's endearing, funny words, I quoted him on facebook and then the comments came flooding in.

Apparently, most husbands don't understand flat sheets and most husbands never used them before they got married. However, one mother noted in the comments that she provided her son with a flat sheet even if he claimed to never use it before marriage (which was confirmed by his wife).

In the end, one woman added her perspective on the necessity of a flat sheet (which was explained above) and in response, a friend of ours was enlightened and summed up the little debate quite well:  

"Thank you for the heads up! I still had no clue about the use of it. I only use it now because the duvet is itchy compared to my old comforter growing up. And I'm sure all the husbands would agree, sleeping arrangements are much better now no matter how many sheets."
So, dear readers, how do your husbands feel about the flat sheet?


  1. My husband went to a military college and slept on top of his always-made bed in a sleeping bag (to save time during cleaning inspections). So. Yeah, now he sleeps under a flat sheet and our quilt (with socks on), pulling all extra blankets in the room over us each night. Funny thing? I wake up with twice as many covers on me next to a husband who has managed to pull off his pajamas (but not socks!) sometime during the night. Not sure why I shared all that...but it's bedtime related?


  2. My husband never used them either, and when I started putting them on the bed he thought it was heavenly, like I invented a softer cotton or something, lol. His mother confirmed he had fitted sheets on his bed as a kid, so I don't understand why guys don't use them once they leave home.

  3. haha, too funny! It's true though. My hubs never even made his bed, let alone changed his sheets. So gross! He was sick once when we were dating, and I marched into his room and washed every sheet and blanket I could find. He told me he hadn't washed them in like a year! Agh!

  4. Now I feel weird because I hate the flat sheet (never saw the point other than annoyingly tangling my legs in it) and Jeffrey loves it! So I've been practicing using one. Still don't like it!

  5. @Jenn - That is hilarious! I'm always SO cold and I sleep with my socks on...but they always end up falling off. Or I get really hot and yank them off. I'm never happy with the blankets or sheets. First I'm cold, then hot, then cold, then hot.

    @Maria - I love it! Men are so strange, aren't they??

    @Mikalah - my husband was the SAME WAY. I think at one point he and his roommate got bed bugs. Ughhhh it was gross. I think he washed his sheets maybe once every 5 or 6 months

    @Roxanne - I think I understand where you're coming from! My flat sheet would always get untucked and then I'd get all twisted...but I didn't think it possible to go without one entirely haha.

  6. That's hilarious! Husbands are funny that way. Glad I'm not the only one who is still learning about her's :)

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  8. oh my gosh. my husband never used a flat sheet either ... PLUS i play the "make the bed" game with two cats and a 50 pound dog. i can totally relate to this!

  9. Well! If i talk about my self then I also hate the flat sheet (never saw the point other than annoyingly tangling my legs in it) and Jeffrey loves it! So I've been practicing using one. Still don't like it!
    Regards: Lisa Dodd

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