20 January 2011

Day in the Life of a Wife!

Wow. I've been gone for awhile, but I have an explaination! Stay tuned for that later!

For now, I leave you with my first Day in the Life of Wife!

The day started out with some good old fashioned lounging. Emma just helped herself up on the couch and made a nice little glamorous nest for herself. We think there must be some royalty in her mix.

After Matt left for school, I took a shower because I needed to run some errands. When I got out, I found this:

She likes to stand on top of the sofa. It's really quite humorous but I think it's getting to her head a little.

After my shower, I made a to-do list, took the dog outside and headed out!

I ended up getting a dvd recorder that will let me laser print right on the disc! I'm so excited! It's going to look great when I give dvd's to my clients. I also went grocery shopping...you know, the necessary to-do.

After I fiddled around with my new gadget, I made lunch (talk about lazy!) and sat down to watch the Bachelor. YES I WATCH DON'T JUDGE. I like to analyze and diagnose the crazies on there.

After lunch, I sat down to work on my facebook page for my photography. Go check it out!

I knew I needed to be productive, so I put in a load of laundry. Emma "helped" by keeping an eye on those pesky gerbils:

Soon after, my husband came home and plopped himself on the floor. I guess he was tired?

Emma convinced him to play. Matt's expression really says it all. Sometimes we have to wait for her to get all her friskiness out before we can actually play too.

Really, this should be day in the life of a wife's dog:

Matt read the mail while I fed Emma. We were on a time crunch -- we had small group that night!

Matt and I love our small group. Everyone has great personalities and all the wives are fantastic cooks. Basically, we get a free meal one night a week (except the month we host). I love that ever wednesday we get together for good food, good company and good discussion.

When we got home, Emma was happy to see us! I climbed into bed and she dutifully curled up on Matt's pillow. Oops!

 Matt showed her who was boss

And we snuggled down to start our new book. The others went on hold. We were listening to Goblet of Fire on CD in the car. When it ended, we didn't have the discs for book 5 so I just read out loud. We're already hooked and so now we read a little every night before bed.

After about an hour of reading and yawning every 5 words from exhaustion, I slip off to sleep while Matt begins his extensive bedtime routine. Really, we're quite opposites. I crash barely remembering to change into PJs. Do any of you have different bedtime routines from your husbands?

Hope you enjoyed my first Day in the life of a wife! I can't wait to see what you guys do!


  1. So fun! I really should have done mine the day I made the beef wellington. I have pictures of the beef but that's about it- and I actually did a few things other than cook that day lol. But anyway, I feel like a standard day for me includes the office, so I'll probably pick a day and maybe even wear my Ann Taylor Loft blazer to work for the occasion. ;)

    Also, bedtime routines- Lawrence usually goes to be WAY before me, which is rather unfortunate. I find myself thinking it should be like a sleepover and that he should wake up and talk to me until I get sleepy (you KNOW how this goes with me lol). But he has to get up at 4AM so I behave myself and try to ignore how much I want to tell him that someone commented on his facebook, and ask what he thinks I should bring to the super bowl party at his parents, and dream up wonderful vacation plans, and get his opinion on the latest quote I read on Brett's wall, and... you know ;)

  2. Love it!

    Yeah, I'm the crashing ont he couch type, my husband not so much :)

  3. Yay! I loved this. I looove the pillows on your couch. And I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of the Bachelor. I just can't help myself! :)

  4. @Cassie You just reminded me! I have an Ann Taylor gift card!!

    @Roxanne: Thank you! I ordered them from Urban Outfitters. They come in lots of other colors! I really need to train Emma not to lay on them...I want them to stay pretty :)

  5. So fun to read about your day! The hubs and I have sort of a different sleeping routine--he usually reads for a long while before drifting off. I hit the pillow, and I'm out like a light!


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