11 January 2011

Snow Day!

As Floridians, it was only natural that my mom had to call me on Sunday to inform us of a snow storm headed our way here in Atlanta. When I got off the phone, I looked at Matt and asked, "Is that what everyone meant by six feet of snow?"

Well, I'm happy to report we survived our first winter storm. Growing up in Florida, we are aware of how to prepare for natural disasters as we have hurricane days instead of snow days. Our preparations were a little different (we bought fire wood), but we were ready for no heat, no water, no refrigerator, no stove. Lucky for us, the power didn't go out. We just couldn't drive anywhere.

Yesterday, we ventured out into the snow and I took a few photos. There's only the four below because my fingers got cold. Apparently, my phone won't take pictures if I have gloves on. So here's my documentation (idea stolen from the lovely Jenn! She's also in Atlanta. Go check out her snow day!).


  1. This looks so lovely. :) Such a different point of view for me, since we're in more of a rural area. Cute snowman. :)

  2. Yeah! I did not enjoy having to drive in our snow up here in Northern AL, but I LOVED watching it from inside the comfort of my house! I'm a little sad that it's starting to melt away....


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