07 January 2011

The Sneaky Housewife

I think my husband is on to me. I have a very sneaky way of getting things done around the apartment. At the end of the day, I can spout off a ton of things I did, but nothing actually looks accomplished.

example: I did laundry all day --- that's why I'm not showered and dressed yet.

Matt is always productive. Wait, scratch that. He always wants to be productive which is a step ABOVE always being productive.  I think he's trying to be an example.

And it's working.

When I'm lounging in my pajamas and he's in the shower by 8AM, I get a little twinge of guilt. My husband does a lot for me. He takes the dog out at night because I'm a scaredy cat. He does the dishes after I cook. He takes out the trash, makes sure our cars are in good, working order and he's a grad student at Georgia Tech. And a tutor.

So today I vow to get the entire apartment in tip-top shape.
Here's the list!


  • Clean out the refridgerator
  • Clean off the counter bar area (it's our dump everything here spot and it needs to die). For now, we have homes for the items throughout the apartment, but eventually I want to do this.
Living Room/Study
  • clear the desk
  • dust the books and book shelves
Dining Area
  • clear the clutter off of the table
  • hang up coats draped over chairs
  • find a hidden home for the hideous plastic drawer unit my husband insists on keeping
  • do ALL the laundry. 
  • Fold the laundry AND put it away
  • make the bed
  • clean the gerbil cages (Yes, we have gerbils. No, I don't want to talk about it)
What do your cleaning routines look like? Do you and your spouse take turns with chores or split the list down the middle? 


  1. Funny that you mention this! As I am bored to tears in my office, I decided to start making a HUGE list of cleaning chores. It's in excel and all is color-coded. Now, as to whether this will ever get done, I cannot be sure. But my plan is to create a cleaning "case" for each "region" since we live in a behemoth of a house (not ours), so supplies will always be handy. I have THREE full bathrooms to clean! As for splitting, my husband is definitely the resident neat freak (not that I ENJOY dirt or anything). Sometimes he does dishes...but other than that, I feel bad...like I should be doing more, so I try not to let him clean too much. If only I didn't have to drive 2.5 hours a day and sit in an office chair for 9...


  2. I think the gerbils deserve a post. It might be one of your more epic ones (I mean, the tale is pretty graphic and epic even without your mad writing skills).

    Anyway. Cleaning. I like things orderly and tidy. My stuff all has a home. The only item that sort of randomly floats around is my cell phone. Like a lunatic though, the phone just follows me everywhere so that doesn't bother me (I literally have anxiety issues when it isn't on me and my recent lock-out experience has just confirmed the dire consequences that can arise without it being attached to me at all times).

    My husband, as you may know, puts every odd and end into his pockets during the day (except his cell phone doesn't always find itself there which often makes me crazy). It is his habit (for literally as long as I can remember) to empty the contents of his pockets onto whatever surface makes itself available when the mood strikes him to do so. This can be the kitchen counter, the bar above the kitchen counter, the dining table, the dresser, his nightstand, the trunk we use as a coffee table, the bathroom counter... etc etc.

    First of all, it is astonishing how much stuff can be held in a man's pocket. Second of all, it makes me crazy. I get that he doesn't have the luxury of stashing his stuff into a purse like I do, but it sprawls and clutters and has no real home. I have tried to bowl technique. It works for about 2 days but then the stuff ends up NEXT to the bowl, and then NEAR the bowl and then on the table next to the counter where the bowl is stored. I have tried to just tidy it up myself. He gets mad because then he can't find his keys. Or his phone. Or his Target Red Tool. Or his knife. (which is all neatly laid out on the coutner next to the table he originally dumped everything on).

    I have hope for our new apartment though. There is more space, and therefore more storage options. I will prevail one day. It's actually an ongoing joke between us (a genuine one- not a pretend one where you try to act like it's funny but really it makes you angry and you want them to fix it). He helps with the general cleaning, it's the being tidy thing that isn't working out ;)

  3. Oh my God... You must have put hidden cameras in my apartment, because this is my LIFE! My husband is so productive day to day, and I do what I can to make myself FEEL like I've been productive. I'm pretty sure we were born to be friends. LOL!

  4. Jenn - I used to do that when I was working full time. I had lists EVERYWHERE of EVERYTHING.

    Cassie - As I said in my text to you, you need to start blogging again.I think my biggest pet peeve of Matt's is that he manages to step in dog poo every time he takes Emma outside and of course, it gets tracked inside. But oh my gosh, that man can clean a kitchen like no other.

    Lauren - I'm pretty sure we were born to be friends too! That's a great way to put it...make myself FEEL productive, haha.

  5. Your list is so ambitious :) Evan and I have certain things we do and a few we share. Evan is absolutely amazing with housework. I handle virtually everything business related. And I also do ALL the bank and accounting stuff. Evan usually has no idea how much money is in our account or what our weekly budget is until I tell him... scratch that, he never knows. If I died everything would surely be shut off and he'd be living in the dark because the one bill he pays is rent (our only one that gets mailed). I even take care of his credit cards- I'd be impressed if he knew his account numbers.

    Now, I say all this really to make myself feel like I accomplish a lot because I do hardly anything around the house. I cook frequently but since we have been married I have never done a single dish. SERIOUSLY. If I'm cooking and something's dirty he comes in and washes it for me. He keeps the kitchen pretty clean most weeks. I've also never taken out the trash. NEVER! Whoever has time does the basic tidying in the evenings. Our weird hours don't help, we can't clean on weekends cause we are sometimes working 30 hours over 2 days.

    That brings us to laundry which is the only thing we can't seem to ever figure out. Evan does all the laundry. Our laundry room is scary int he back of our house and we had a rat one time so I will never go back there now. I wouldn't mind doing laundry at all if our washer was more accessible. But it's not, so Evan does it all. Now, He cannot put my clothes away for me- I have a color coded and style organized system that he would mess up- so getting it all done from basket to closet is HARD. And we wear so many clothes! Especially on the weekends when we are shooting, and sweating, we change several times a day. I'll wear something different to the gym, studio, and then after work relaxing. So even though my clothes get washed and folded- FOLDED, yes he folds them, they often sit in a basket for a week or more waiting for me.

    So, I completely understand the whole feeling guilty thing. I feel like we each do our part but some days he is such a superstar. For instance yesterday, Evan was freelancing on a shoot and he worked from 11am-1:30am and got home at 2:30. He was asleep when I left for the gym and when I came back all our laundry was folded! I felt soooo useless. But I know there are times where I send him to the grocery store he comes back with chips and eggnog and he feels the same way. So, I guess it just balances out. Hopefully we can keep balancing each other and when someone starts doing so much more we can readjust and level it out again :) You guys seem to be doing a pretty good job.


  6. This is just like my husband and me. And I feel SO guilty that he does a lot, and I do so little. Good for you for making a list of things to get done. I'm going to try that too =)


  7. I just finished cleaning my room and kitchen and I'm exhausted. I didn't write a comprehensive list on my to-do list just "clean" haha! It got done though...I'm taking a break and will get started on my bathroom and vaccuming.

  8. Berto actually does more of the cleaning. Since I work during the week and weekends, he's wonderful and understanding that I'm usually pretty tired when I get home. He cleaned most of our apartment while I was at work today and it looks wonderful!

    Now, usually, I still do the laundry (which is fine, because I always worry my delicates will come out doll-sized if I let him wash them), but I have a terrible habit of not folding it once its clean. It just sits in the basket until we get tired of sifting through it for clothes we want to wear.

    Its pretty bad.

  9. Not too long ago, we sat down and came up with a weekly "cleaning chart"--I had started to get overwhelmed by doing all the cleaning in one day, so we broke it up and now it's so much easier! For examples, on Tuesday's I clean bathrooms and wipe down surfaces, Wednesdays I start laundry, etc, and by Saturday all the cleaning is done! Hubby also helps with dishes and takes the trash out. Other than that, I just ask him to pick up because I'm fine with cleaning the rest of it myself.

  10. Oh my goodness, I'm the SAME way - even down to the bar/counter dump site. I am also afraid of my fridge, and no matter how hard I feel I've worked, my house never really feels clean enough. Nice to know I'm not alone - keep up the good fight!


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