10 January 2011

Sleet or Snow, I've got stuff to do!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the last post. It was great to see I wasn't alone! I did end up getting a lot done but I didn't quite make it to cleaning out the refrigerator. There's some scary things hiding in there!

I need a lot of motivation this week. We're stuck inside as the snow is ridiculous right now. Everything's closed, Matt's bummed school was cancelled (I'm not! Extra cuddle time!) and we have a snow monster on our hands:

Last weekend, two friends let me take their photos. I was so happy to get the experience! I had a blast even though it was ridiculously cold (it did warm up... a little). Their willingness to let me practice on them helped kick my butt into gear.

So once it's safe to drive these roads, I'll be designing a little flyer to post in some local coffee shops. I'll also be shadowing/carrying equipment/fluffing dresses for Lauren Wright at a wedding on Friday. I can't wait to watch her do her thing. I'll be taking notes every spare second I get!

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  1. Aw, thank you for participating! Beautiful photo, and also, I love the dog...too cute!

  2. Yay, snow days are wonderful. It's great that you are shadowing and learning as much about photography as you can! Good luck!


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