08 December 2010

New to our Family: Meet Emma

Matt and I love dogs and we had been talking about getting one for a long time. So back in July, we decided to save up and get a dog in December. Well, it's December and guess what? We have the sweetest pup living with us now!

Meet Emma:

Emma loves to rest her head on you; she's eager to please and loves to play with other dogs. She learns FAST and she gets a kick out of crawling around on her belly when you play with her.

Saturday, we plan on taking her to a dog park to let her get some energy out. I can't wait for my temp assignment to be up so I can spend some days with her, helping her learn how to be a lady.

Last night, she helped us decorate the Christmas tree by sneaking around the back and poking her head out from between branches or by following Matt out to put the christmas boxes away. At the end of the night, it was nice just being the three of us, sitting back on the couch to admire our handy work.


  1. Christina, she is REALLY cute! And she looks like such a sweetheart! So happy for you guys! :)

  2. I found your blog on Picket Fence & we love your dog! We have 2 dogs & they are like our children. I can't wait to read more about Emma.



  3. just found your blog, it's adorable! feel free to stop by mine and say hello :)

    she said yes!

  4. She is adorable...congrats.

    Also love your banner so much, did you design that yourself? Simple and so sweet.


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