26 December 2010

A Cozy Christmas: Feasting, Loving, Resting

Christmas Eve was pretty perfect. Christmas Day was super splendid too.

The day before Christmas, I laid out the table settings for five as we had some of Matt's friends from research over for dinner.

I made shrimp cocktail, Christmas cookies, prosciutto, sage and parmesan pinwheels, spaghetti, homemade meatballs, salad and a chocolate roulade.

One of Matt's friends brought a spicy Indian dish that was fantastic. Needless to say, we feasted. After dinner, we took his friends to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It was a beautiful, meaningful time. I loved that we took communion during the service. I've never done that no Christmas Eve, but what better time to do so?

Christmas morning we woke up rather early and began our first session of gift opening as a married couple. Emma didn't really understand what was going on...but she stayed pretty occupied with the toys Santa brought her. After the gifts, we spent some time on the porch, watching the snow fall. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Throughout the day, we lazed about, drank eggnog coffee, cooked dinner together (FANTASTIC beef tenderloin roast, roasted carrots and shallots, broccoli with cashews and German potato salad). Later that night, we took Emma for a walk and had an impromptu snowball fight, wrote love letters to each other in the snow and then came back in for some egg nog and cookies. I'd say it was a lovely first Christmas together.

How was yours?


  1. So atl, huh? I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and linked up...because now I can add yours to my reader! Love your tableware; looks like it was a fabulous Christmas! Love you description of home...Pauly and I do that too. :)(I'm linking to my wordpress-under construction-transition blog, but my main blog is still: www.paulandjenn.webs.com)


  2. Christina, that spread is amazing! What a special Christmas for the two of you. I love that you guys wrote love letters to one another in the snow. That is just way too cute! I'm so glad you enjoyed your first Christmas together as a married couple! Happy (almost) New Year! xo


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