18 October 2010

Fall Feasting

This weekend, Matt and I, upon feeling better, venutred out  of our apartment and explored the North and South of Georgia.

Saturday, we attended the Georgia State fair with friends. The trip was mostly animal themed and reminded us of the Strawberry Festival and County Fair back home --- cattle, horses, pig races. The fair had a few exotic animals as well -- kangaroos (apparently, there's a kangaroo reserve in Georgia!), camels, zebras, Scottish highland cows.

our friend, Lauren, getting slobbered on by a camel

my urban cowboy, ha!

Sunday, we took a drive north to try this new thing called fried apple pie. We don't have that sort of thing in Florida and ohhh my goodness, I can't tell you how much apples delight my husband. By the end of our trip to Panorama Orchards, his arms were full of apple treats. 

After the apples, we headed over to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. Apart from the place crawling with parents, finding the perfect pumpkin on which to perch their child for a picture, we found ourselves an enormous pumpkin to carve and I picked up a few small ones for baking. 

our pumpkin!

We decided to copy everyone and take pumpkin portraits

At the end of the day, we ate hot boiled peanuts for two hours straight (the length of our road trip home) and listened to financial question and answers on NPR. Aren't we romantic?

Now, we feel prepared for fall feasting. We're stocked up on apple pancake mix, apple butter, apples for apple pie, pumpkins for pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds for roasting; we just need to get rid of these 80 degree afternoons!


  1. Ha, I love the pumpkin portraits! Wishing I could send you some cold Chicago weather.

  2. That weekend sounds absolutely awesome! The pumpkin you guys got is crazy big, right?! I can't tell if the camera is making it look that big or if is actually that big. I hope it's actually huge because it's going to make an exceptionally awesome jack-o-lantern. I'm so jealous about the whole apple trip you guys made. Everything sounds delicious, especially the boiled peanuts you ate on the way home! I bet you guys sure were glad to find a Strawberry Festival-esque fair, huh? I mean, who can live without mullets and insane amounts of fried food? Have a great week!


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