21 October 2010

Seeing in Sepia; Hello, October!

Well, my photography class ended and we had a small showing of our work. Matt came to our final class with me and I loved having him there.  He's been so supportive and encouraging with my photography, not mention, he's also a great model!

For the final class session, we had to bring in a collection of photos that we've taken over the course of the class. I wanted my collection of photos to have consistency and theme, so I played with colors in post-production and cropped them into squares. I was definitely going for a child like perspective and an old-world vintage feel. Oh yeah, and they're sort of in the spirit of this month's chill and spookiness.

It's kind of hard not to think in sepia or black and white when you're snapping shots in a cemetery! Three out of the four photos (the first one was taken in my apartment complex) were taken at Oakland Cemetery, and all four are basically about me being obsessed with depth of field.

Our instructor also wanted us to practice taking portraits, so I chose to take an "environmental portrait" of my favorite gerbil, Reepicheep. He definitely won everyone's hearts on Tuesday night! Now you, dear readers, get to meet him too!

This weekend, I'm very excited to be going back to Florida to co-host a bridal shower for my friend, Cassie. My co-bridesmaids (I'm guessing that's the equivalent to co-workers?) and I can barely contain ourselves because we're having so much fun with the theme: peacock feathers.  I can't wait to post photos from the shower!


  1. Ah, Reepicheep is so cute! Nice photos.

  2. Reepicheep reminds me of my very first pet... a white laboratory mouse that I "rescued" I named him Bullet... he was awesome! Reepicheep is so adorable!


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