10 October 2010

let's try to keep a good thing going

Ok, so here it is. The schedule. I would have posted this earlier, but Matt and I were side swiped by a cold and I'm just recovering. Now that I can literally breathe again, I'm posting this schedule to help me keep track of posts. I'm starting with three days a week. If I'm good, I'll give myself more days to blog.

Monday: Recap of our weekends. Matt and I, due to busy weeks, cram in quality time and adventures on these days.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be skipped because after a long day of work, I have a photography class and a Bible study on these nights.

Thursday: Something creative will be posted, whether it's something I've written, photographed, designed, crafted or it's something someone else has created that I'm just dying to share with the rest of you.

Friday: Since this blog was created to keep loved ones updated with our lives, I want to go a little deeper in these posts than just a quick recap of all the sugar-coated goodness we've been up to. Will I be posting transcripts of every single conversation we have? No. But I do want to share what we've been learning about love and marriage. We're newlyweds, nowhere near to being experts, so I'm going to let Fridays be my time to hash out what we've been trying to figure out and to open the floor for others to give thoughtful advice and experiences.

Now that I've mapped that out, I hope it'll not only help me keep up with writing more consistently, but also keep everyone in what we've been up to.

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