14 October 2010

In sickness and in Sunday afternoons

This week was very exciting for me! I sent in my application for the photography program at a local tech school. I also received great critiques at the little class I'm taking at a local photography store. This week, our assignment was to practice getting prints made of our photographs. Part of the assignment was to print in black and white; it was the perfect opportunity to practice printing from home and the perfect opportunity to get some interesting shots of Matt playing his guitar.

I love listening to him play guitar. What I love even more is watching him play.  He gets this quiet expression on his face and it's soothing to sit back and watch him. He's got a true gift; he's able to pull melodies out of thin air, making everything sound like you could have sworn you heard it before, but you haven't because he made it and there's nothing in the world like it.

The moment turned into a quiet, pretty Sunday afternoon with the sunlight coming in through the patio door, Matt's music filling our little apartment and me just getting to take it all in: the sweetness of my husband and our home.

And then I started having a coughing fit because he gave me his cold. Joys of marriage, right?

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  1. These are beautiful shots, Christina. My dad plays guitar, and I quite agree, there is nowhere else I'd rather be than sitting listening to him play a sweet melody that he dreamed up in his own head.


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