07 September 2010

Seven Things

As I mentioned before, Maria at Our Dorky Home, thinks I'm a versatile blogger and now I'm finally going to participate. Maria's got a great sense of humor. At the moment, she's blogging about her recent travels to NYC and New Mexico...still waiting on the Jamaica update! Make sure you visit her blog!

Seven things about me
1. I've recently decided to pursue photography; I'll be applying to a local school and hopefully starting next fall.

2. I used to own two gerbils, which turned into (over the span of 2 unhappy years) 8, with a handful more that didn't make it past babyhood due to...respiratory infections and...gerbil jealousy. We'll leave it at that.

3. My favorite desserts to bake are apple tart and pumpkin pie (with real pumpkin!)

4. I LOVE potatoes, but I'm allergic to potato skins. When I was younger, my dad would make me peel potatoes and I hated it because my eyes would start itching and I would sneeze like crazy. I think he thought I was just trying to get out of helping out with dinner....while part of that is true, most of my sulkiness was because of the full-on allergy attack I received while performing the task.

5. I'm 1/2 white, 1/4 black, 1/4 Japanese. I love how fascinating people find this.

6. I have flat feet and narrow heels which meant torture as a kid when my mom would search high and low to find me shoes that fit. Because of difficult feet, I grew up to be a woman who hates shoe shopping. GASP! However, my husband also has narrow heels and flat feet. Another sign we were meant to be. <3

7.  I get to be a bridesmaid (or bridesmatron??) in my friend Cassie's wedding!

Ok, so here we go. Here's who I'd like to mention as versatile bloggers:


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I love learning new things about people. Your pumpkin pie (with real pumpkin!) sounds divine.

    And I think you're right; obviously July is the best month for love. ;) Can't wait to answer my seven questions! xo


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