04 August 2010

Washington Honeymoon

A lot of people were skeptical of our honeymoon choice, but Matt and I already miss Seattle and its snow capped mountains. We definitely accomplished a lot. I think the woman running the bed and breakfast we stayed at found us amusing; every morning, we'd come down to breakfast and tell her about our plans for that day.

Highlights from the trip? A retro dinner and dessert (which was a smoking "Lunar Oribiter" as pictured above) in the Space Needle, hiking Mt. Ranier, visiting a wolf preserve and experiencing the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.

I'll share more photos once I sort through them all. Like a dork, I packed my camera charger in a box we moved to Atlanta at the beginning of July which meant we had disposable cameras and my phone to document the experience.


  1. What a beautiful photo of you and Matt! Such a happy time and you will have such wonderful memories of your honeymoon. ♡

  2. Christina!!!!!! I miss you and wish we could get coffee and talk about God and writing and life. I love reading your blog. I'm looking forward to more updates. Now that I have three contacts in Atlanta I may swing through there sometime this year and pay you guys a visit.

  3. Laura!!! I miss you too! Please come to Atlanta soon! I need to take you to this amazing coffee shop called Urban Grind with an amazing poetry open mic!


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