23 August 2010

Underwater Tea Party

This weekend, Matt and I did a little exploring. We found a very quaint tea shop called Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party. The walls are lined with books and lopsided tables and dilapidated chairs are crammed in the corners.

We spent the afternoon sipping Oolong and reminiscing about the crazy, mad tea party experience we had in a Chinese tea shop in Seattle's Chinatown.  There was a free tasting, and the shop owner sat us down with three other strangers and began explaining, in broken English, the art of brewing tea.

She was all over the place, waving her tea pot this way and that as she charged on in her explanation of teas. In wild strokes, scalding water flew over cups and down the little holes of her doubled tea tray.  It was all about the temperature for her and we could tell; we were starting to become affected by the tea's "natural effects." We were only drinking Oolong, but this was the pure stuff, served the "right" way, and soon we felt dazed and jolly all at once, relaxed and pumped with caffeine.

At Dr. Bombay's the Oolong was a little more mild and at first, we had our first cup outside since seating was limited. However, a table opened up and we moved our tea tray inside, enjoying the remainder of our tea in vintage china cups while gazing up at the bird cages hanging from the ceiling and browsing the many books (on sale for 50 cents).

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  1. I love tea shops, and this place looks great. You two are adorable!


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