18 August 2010

I need a hobby...or maybe one of those things called a job

Matthew has gone off to day two of orientation; I've been left behind. Yesterday was so strange. I wasn't used to him being gone...we've been apart 20 minutes at the most when he makes a quick run to the grocery store for bug spray or tomatoes.

I tried to stay busy by job hunting, writing thank you notes for the wedding, and talking myself into and out of buying an air purifier for Matt.

Our biggest mystery of late has been Matt's allergies. Our apartment has his eyes watering like crazy, almost to the point of pink eye. Even I've been sneezing on a regular basis. I don't get it though; I've dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the gerbil cages, scrubbed the bathroom, washed the sheets -- we're still a mess.

Maybe we're allergic to Atlanta?

The ever-agonizing job hunt looks like this
Back to yesterday -- I did talk myself out of buying the air purifier; I have this thing about spending money...even though we have a gift card to cover the cost; however, I did manage to order throw pillows for the sofa and do the laundry, but overall, I missed my husband like a little girl who's been dropped off at school for the first time. It's funny because I've been finding myself wanting "alone time" here and there (being an only child does that to you, you know) and now that I have it, I don't want it (being human does that to you, you know).

Today, Matt will be gone for longer than yesterday. I'm definitely going to have to make a list of errands. While I remain jobless, being stuck at home is going to start becoming agonizing. I still haven't driven anywhere besides the grocery store...once...since we've been in Atlanta, and Matt was in the car with me!

I find that these situations will become funny in a year or two....maybe even in 6 months. Right now, they have me feeling a bit frantic and useless. Here's to looking forward to the day when I get to write a blog about how this moment turned completely around; here's to looking forward to the day when I feel purposeful.


  1. hi christina! this is lauren from the intown bible study. i saw your blog on facebook. you are a great writer. ugg, atlanta is known for seasonal allergies. sorry to hear that it's affecting y'all! looking forward to seeing y'all tonight.

  2. I understand about the alone time/only child thing. Definitely treasure this "vacation" now. Once you start working full-time, you'll miss being home!

  3. When my hubby and I first moved into together and even when we first got married I missed him like crazy whenever he was gone somewhere. But you'll find that the longer you're together the more you'll cherish your alone time. Doesn't mean you love him less, just that you need time to yourself too.

  4. Hi cousin, you need to make sure you don't have mold in the apartment. Those are symptoms... be careful and have that looked out asap!


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