16 August 2010

The Art of Meal Planning

Friday morning, I sat myself down at the dining room table with a stack of cookbooks, my laptop, and pen and paper. I was determined to whip my kitchen into shape and to get a plan established for cooking dinner.

Without school or jobs to keep us busy, the days were kind of blending together and every other night, at dinner time, Matt and I found ourselves realizing we had nothing for dinner which meant a grocery run because I refused to eat a sandwich with nothing but ham and cheese on it and call it a satisfying meal.

Because that routine got old, fast, I set up a weekly calendar and poured over recipes to come up with a dinner meal plan for the week. It turned out wonderfully! Since I already had essential spices and canned goods, our grocery bill was rather low. $35 for a week's worth of dinners (and homemade desserts for Matt).  The bill would have been lower if we could have found pork loin and chicken pieces in smaller packages. We're not complaining though; we're just going to freeze the extra meat and use it next week. So really, we spent $35 for one and half week's worth of food.

Pork Chops Creole
Here's what I've created so far:

Last Friday and Saturday, we had Pork Chops Creole with German Potato Salad.
 Yesterday, it was Pineapple Burgers and Tangy Cauliflower salad. I probably won't be making the cauliflower salad again. It was rather boring. I suppose it would be better with other vegetables, but we weren't fans.

 Monday: Leftovers from yesterday

Tuesday: Skillet Mac and Cheese with Scalloped Tomatoes and an Oreo Ice Cream dish for dessert

Wednesday: Matt has orientation for GA Tech with lunch provided, then we're off to Bible study where dinner will be provided. No need to cook!

Thursday: Oven fried chicken with green bean salad and parsleyed potatoes. Dessert? Fresh fruit cup in orange juice.

Friday: Leftovers from Thursday and cinnamon rolls for Matt.

Saturday: Barleyburger Stew and French Bread

I'll post the recipe to our favorite dish of the week, so check back this weekend!


  1. Good grief, I want to come eat there!! lol

  2. Lol! They've all been SUPER easy to make. It just sounds elaborate. :)


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