13 August 2010

Atlanta on a budget of $0

Matt and I were at a Bible study on Wednesday and someone said, "Don't worry. I was lost in Atlanta for two years before I figured this city out."

I took a deep breath. For the past few weeks I've been fretting over not experiencing enough of our new city. The problem? We don't have money to spend on fun.

Our biggest splurge was the Museum of Natural History which made for a fantastic day out, but we want to do more. We want to eat at all the fun, local restaurants, we want to visit the aquarium, shop and be absolute tourists.

I guess the expensive fun can't come until I'm employed.

It hasn't been terrible though. Slowly, we've been discovering new things. Urban Grind coffee has an awesome poetry open mic night, Farmer's markets abound (we'll be visiting our first one on Saturday) and groceries are cheap, which means I've been experimenting with new dishes.

Yesterday, I busted out Betty and made a fresh peach pie which we laughed manically about since we ate two slices for dinner. What real adults we've become!
For two days we lived off of broccoli and cheese quiche with fresh peppers, onions and smoked bacon. Before that it was spaghetti in a creamy artichoke and tomato sauce.  Of course, due to cooking inspiration on a whim, we've been driving to the grocery store every two days for ingredients. My task this morning? Make a dinner schedule for the week.

Since I'm in the mood for cooking adventures. Do any of you have recommendations on what I should make for dinner this week?

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