19 August 2010

Arguments (not that we're having them, just knowing they're coming)

Matthew and I have been very lucky in finding a church with truthful messages and great people. We've started attending a small group on Wednesday nights that really helps us feel like we're a part of a community. Every week, we meet at a couple's house for dinner and study. I love that we spend a great deal of time just sharing life and experience and praises and prayer requests. 

Most of all, we love that God is showing us areas we need to work on, like extending grace to each other. Weekly, we're being reminded of the need to focus on heart issues. It's one thing to have an argument and focus on the surface problem, but to follow those pesky footsteps back to the core issue, back to what's broken our hearts, to what's made us grieve, well, that's another thing. The funny thing about those things is that they're terrifying and what makes us vulnerable, but we're learning that a loving marriage has a lot to do with vulnerability. Even though we're capable of getting upset or hurt or selfish, we're safe with each other; we're home with each other.

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