08 June 2010

To trash or not to trash?

With 39 days to go, blogging has taken a back burner. I'm really going to try and keep up though; these are the days to document! I have lots of pictures and updates to share, but for now, head over to my friend's blog and look at these awesome engagement photos she took for one of my bridesmaids!

If I ever decide to do a trash the dress (and by trash the dress, I mean stand in a field or forest or something because the thought of actually destroying my dress makes me woozy), Cintia's the girl I'm going to contact!

Has anyone ever done a trash the dress session? Did you actually destroy it or was it more like you wanted an after wedding photo shoot getting shots you didn't get on your wedding day?


  1. A good friend of mine did a 'trash' shoot on the beach. She even got in the water with her dress on! And she had it dry cleaned and it was good as new. The pictures were so, so awesome. Erin Gessner Harvey (http://www.erinchris.com/) was her photographer and she did a really nice job!

  2. Aww! Christina! That was so sweet! I would love to do your Trash The Dress :)

    We should do it in Atlanta... :D


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