06 May 2010

Welcome to Wedding Madness

I just updated my facebook status with all the things I need to get done before the wedding. It was a pretty long update and after I posted it, I realized how much stuff I left out.

So we're 72 days from the wedding and here's what's coming up:

- Matt graduates
-celebrate Mother's Day
-go to wedding dress fitting (my shoes look AWESOME with the dress. Be ready to see some non-traditional kicks on July 17!)
-doctor's appointment
-drive to Atlanta
-visit with Promove and start touring apartments (hopefully we can secure an apartment)
-begin working the summer session at the college
-decide on the direction of the flowers for the wedding
-send out invitations
-celebrate Dad's birthday

-start boxing up belongings for the move
-buckle down and start making escort cards, table numbers, menu cards and various other paper things for the reception
-meet with our photographers
-meet with our DJ
-meet with our caterer
-start receiving RSVPs
-attend a wedding!
-get Matt's wedding band re-sized

-Move everything up to our new apartment before the wedding
-pick up wedding dress
-say goodbye to all my wonderful co-workers
-finish wedding details
-attend my bachelorette party
-attend my second bridal shower
-get our marriage license
-figure out what to do with my messy hair for the wedding
-fly to Seattle for our wonderful honeymoon
-come home; say goodbye to all our loved ones
-Say hello to our new home in Atlanta

Still, I feel like I'm leaving a lot out. To all those who are already married: do things go psycho crazy right before your wedding? Do they fall into place? Is is just different for everyone? What was your experience?


  1. Sounds like we need to get moving! This big list doesn't even mention some of my things and responsibilities. But team Conrad can do it!

  2. Yes, the last few months before the wedding are crazy. My husband and I were both in grad school and working, as well as trying to get all the last minute details in. But treasure this time, as strange as it sounds. It goes by so quickly!

  3. Go Team Conrad!

    Thanks Maria! I think the one thing that keeps me from completely losing it is the fact that it feels sort of imaginary, like Father of the Bride or something.

    I don't think it really hit me that this was "get into gear" mode until my mother was fretting over the dog-chewed furniture and my father was freaking out over our drapeless windows.

    I found it quite funny and peculiar and then the thought, "It's getting closer" struck me like a ton of bricks.


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