15 May 2010

We found a home!

Things have been a little hectic these past few weeks. Matt graduated summa cum laude and we headed to Atlanta to find our future home. We're now very excited to say that we found the perfect apartment!

Our first day in Atlanta, we braved the traffic and stopped first at Promove, a free service that helps you find apartments based on what you look for in a home. Once we got a map and a bunch of floorplans, we started our search. We ended up visiting six different complexes. Matt and I had a list of things we wanted in an apartment:

-washer and dryer included
-awesome maintenance (Matt also inspected the models to see if they just painted over everything to hide flaws or if they actually took care of the property)
-updated appliances
-reasonably sized fitness center
-roomy living areas
-gated access

Every complex we visited had major perks, but let us down in one way or another. It was very hard to figure out where we wanted to live because every place had pros and cons. So, we headed over to Melton's Apps and Taps for dinner and drinks while we tried to figure out where we wanted to live. They had the best pizza and artichoke dip.

We ended up choosing the first place we visited. We didn't have to jeopardize any of the things we wanted. Sure, some of those things were WAY better at other places, but those other places left out essential stuff we knew we wanted. So, we ended up with a cute one-bedroom apartment on a property that looks like the secret garden. We have a trash chute on our floor, underground/garage parking, the cutest little fireplace, a washer and dryer, plus all the other little amenities we wanted.

Our location is great too! Matt can get to Ga Tech in no time, and we'll be living in the Buckhead district, literally minutes from the governor's mansion and all the other pretty historic homes in the area.


  1. Glad you guys found a place! Is this the first time you'll be sharing an apartment?

    BTW, I think you tried to friend me on Facebook. I turned down the request because I didn't recognize the name. Then it hit...oh, my Internet friend :)

    Or I'm crazy and another person named Christina tried to friend me.

  2. Yes, it is our first place together!

    I don't think that was me, haha. :) I hope you solve the Christina mystery!


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